Friday, 15 January 2010

Ghost, Hypnotic Underworld

Japan, 2004

Don't know why I hadn't posted this earlier. A great album, – trippy and hovering, multicoloured – so a wonderful listen.
Ghost are a peculiar and dynamic ensemble that make up for good (& sometimes experimental) music, born of the early interest for psychedelic rock – such as Pink Floyd or Taj Mahal Travellers — of Kyoto's Masaki Batoh.


1. Hypnotic Underworld: God Took A Picture Of His Illness On This Ground
2. Hypnotic Underworld: Escaped and Lost Down In Medina
3. Hypnotic Underworld: Aramaic Barbarous Dawn
4. Hypnotic Underworld: Leave The World!
5. Hazy Paradise
6. Kiseichukan Nite
7. Piper
8. Ganagmanag
9. Feed
10. Holy High
11. Dominoes/Celebration For The Gray Days