Thursday, 3 September 2009

Porcupine Tree, The Incident

England, 2009.

PT's new release. No need for introductions, this is pretty much the biggest band in prog right now, and after over two decades of activity, nothing here is going to be terribly surprising. Less of a metal influence than previous efforts, but also less diverse than In Absentia and less immersive than The Sky Moves Sideways. Will hold off further judgements until I've heard this one a lot more.


Disc 1 - The Incident
I. Occam's Razor
II. The Blind House
III. Great Expectations
IV. Kneel and Disconnect
V. Drawing the Line
VI. The Incident
VII. Your Unpleasant Family
VIII. The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train
IX. Time Flies
X. Degree Zero of Liberty
XI. Octane Twisted
XII. The Séance
XIII. Circle of Manias
XIV. I Drive the Hearse

Disc 2
1. Flicker
2. Bonnie the Cat
3. Black Dahlia
4. Remember Me Lover



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Anonymous said...

Apparently, has been killed by its hoster. Can you reupload somewhere else, please?

Reinaque said...

Hey! Nice blog, a fine music taste you have. Keep it up ;)

kollaps said...

already? that was even faster than expected.
we'll try to reupload it and repost it as soon as possible.

turbulenz said...

the album's somewhat strange. loved Time Flies.

kollaps said...

andré, consegues fazer reup do álbum?

kollaps said...

Anonymous: the link seems to be working fine, actually. we'll still try to upload it to some other host, but zshare is working.

turbulenz said...

vou meter outro link alternativo em caso deste falhar.

turbulenz said...

alternative link up and OK. ;)

bleak said...

i don't get it. my upload is still working.

Anonymous said...

worst PT album since 1995