Monday, 1 June 2009

Lis Er Stille, The Construction of the Amp-Train

Denmark, 2006.

What an amazing band. Lis Er Stille was founded in 2004, as part of an art project between lead singer Martin Byrialsen and an artist known as Vindril. The idea was to transform Vindril's surreal paintings into music. Their music became so powerful that a band was build up around it.


1. Styrke
2. Forsyn
3. Løbetid
4. End Credits



Anders Graae said...

The album can be downloaded free and legaly at


Here is a brand new (may 2009) demo:

Thanks for writing about us!

with love, Lis Er Stille

kollaps said...

Your work is amazing.
Many thanks for the demo! :)

nuagenoir said...


Anonymous said...

do you know how to find their lyrics?