Thursday, 11 June 2009

Faith No More, Live at Brixton - The Second Coming

Bootleg, 2009

It took a while, but they're back. This is my recording from FNM's first reunion show on 10/06/2009. Quality varies from pretty good on the calmer songs like Stripsearch, to good with an awful lot of singing, but that's what you get when you're dead centre at the front surrounded by fans. Feel free to use this recording to mix with other sources and produce a better bootleg.


1 - Reunited
2 - The Real Thing
3 - From Out of Nowhere
4 -Land of Sunshine
5 - Caffeine
6 - Evidence
7 - Chinese Arithmetic
8 - Surprise! You're Dead!
9 - Easy
10 - Last Cup of Sorrow
11 - Midlife Crisis
12 - Cuckoo for Caca
13 - Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
14 - RV
15 - King for a Day
16 - Malpractice
17 - Jizzlobber
18 - Be Aggressive
19 - Epic
20 - Mark Bowen

Encore 1
21 - Chariots of Fire
22 - Stripsearch
23 - Just a Man

Encore 2
24 - I Started a Joke
25 - Pristina
Part 1.
Part 2.


celtic said...

Odeio-te, caralho.

closure said...

Viesses. Para a semana apresentacao do Octahedron, queres vir?

celtic said...

estou em exames :\ mas o álbum não me entusiasmou muito. E estes vou ter que ver no lol, sudoeste.

closure said...

TMV estao cada vez piores, mas so cabem 350 marmelos no ICA por isso vai ser interessante. Vou pensar em ir ao Sudoeste se entretanto nao aparecer nenhum outro concerto de jeito, mas vai ser so cromitos ;_;

Hcazach said...

pensar ir ao sudoeste? eu obrigo-te a ir, cabrao

domy said...

thanks thanks and more thanks to share your vids with us...

oct. 30 FNM en CHILE woooow!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Many thanks. Just wondering, what did you use to record this? I'm thinking of recording their Leeds fest set (hopefully they'll confirm that date soon!)

closure said...

I might go to that one myself, but keep away from the front rows this time. The problem with festivals is avoiding people randomly chatting during the set. Used a Zoom H2 recorder. Cheers.

Kev C said...

I have a really good recording and will upload to 4shared on request.., keep the memory alive such a great gig email me at perhaps everyone who recorded it could subit and between us all we can come up with something......

closure said...

Feel free to share your upload link. Unfortunately I don't know how to mix sources properly, but someone else might.

Kev C said...

I used a Zoom H2 also was about 5 rows back, any problems let me know.

Anonymous said...
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kollaps said...

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