Thursday, 16 October 2008

Crippled Black Phoenix, A Love of Shared Disasters

UK, 2007

Justin Greaves (Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine), encouraged by good friend Dominic Aitchison (Mogwai), started recording songs he had in his head, creating the basis for the stunning post-rock sound of Crippled Black Phoenix. To complete the line-up, Andy Semmens (Esoteric, Ereipia), Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij), Nial McGaughey (16, 3D House of Beef), Joe Volk (Gonga), amongst others, have joined them. Not only are the songs extremely well polished, the vocals are also perfect. As a matter of fact, if you visit Joe's space and listen to his solo work, you might fall in love.


1 - The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary
2 - Really, How'd It Get This Way?
3 - The Whistler
4 - Suppose I Told the Truth
5 - When You're Gone
6 - Long Cold Summer
7 - Goodnight, Europe
8 - You Take the Devil Out of Me
9 - The Northern Cobbler
10 - My Enemies I Fear Not, But Protect Me From My Friends
11 - I'm Almost Home



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
This album is wonderful, very atmospheric and moody. A feast for the ears :)

Keep up the great work!


kollaps said...

Indeed, this album is AWESOME.
Thank you, Inês. :)