Thursday, 27 August 2009

Porcupine Tree, Signify

England, 1996.

A progressive/psychedelic/space rock classic. Porcupine Tree's fourth studio album, first released in September, 1996. This was the first album that frontman Steven Wilson recorded with a full group of musicians on board from the beginning, rather than as a one-man project with the collaboration of other musicians.


1. Bornlivedie
2. Signify
3. Sleep Of No Dreaming
4. Pagan
5. Waiting Phase One
6. Waiting Phase Two
7. Sever
8. Idiot Prayer
9. Every Home Is Wired
10. Intermediate Jesus
11. "Light Mass Prayers"
12. Dark Matter



zappahead said...

A bit new to this band....believe it or not so im very pleased to see this album here.....cant thank you enough for your share....very much obliged......thank you.

Ernest Embryo said...

Thanks :)