Saturday, 23 May 2009

pg.lost, Yes I Am EP

Sweden, 2007

“Yes I Am”, the debut EP.
It’s obvious that pg.lost bear their influences boldly on their sleeve, and therefore, deeply and unashamedly root them in the music they compose. The plodding, repetitive nature of “The Kind Heart of Langion” is particularly reminiscent of the style featured in Explosions in the Sky’s “Earth is not a Cold Dead Place”, whilst the slowly building climax in “Yes I Am” could fit perfectly into a Godspeed You! Black Emperor track.


1. Yes I Am
2. Kardusen
3. Fartyget
4. …
5. The Kind Heart Of Lanigon


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MarduK said...

This band is amazing. The song "Yes I Am" is easily one of greatest thing I've listened in the last few years.