Thursday, 22 November 2007

Nine Inch Nails, Y34RZ3R0M1X3D

Year Zero was the unexpected comeback of the year for me. After an anonymous With Teeth, Reznor seemed to be losing focus. Not that the album was necessarily bad, it's just that the previous albums had few if any weak tracks (and certainly none on par with You Know What You Are? *cringe*).

In typical nin fashion, for every album there is a remix album. Fortunately no song is repeated on this one (because how many Starfuckers Inc remixes did you really need on Things Falling Apart?). It's hard to fuck up such great source material, and hell, it still rocks, even if you can dance to it.

01. guns by computer (saul williams)
02. the great destroyer (modwheelmood)
03. my violent heart (pirate robot midget)
04. the beginning of the end (ladytron)
05. survivalism (saul williams)
06. capital g (epworth phones)
07. vessel (bill laswell)
08. the warning (stefan goodchild featuring doudou n'diaye rose)
09. meet your master (the faint)
10. god given (stephen morris and gillian gilbert)
11. me, i'm not (olof dreijer)
12. another version of the truth (kronos quartet and enrique gonzalez muller)
13. in this twilight (fennesz)
14. zero-sum (stephen morris and gillian gilbert)

Part 1
Part 2

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