Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mothlite, Dark Age

UK, 2012

Daniel O’Sullivan releases his second album under the Mothlite moniker on May 14th through Kscope. ‘Dark Age’ is the follow-up to 2008’s ‘The Flax Of Reverie’ (Southern Records).

"This is prevalent in the lyrical content, which denotes a catharsis throughout a period of hysteria and emotional turmoil”. He describes ‘Dark Age’ as “Dark megalomania, contradictions and paradoxes, and general bleakness”, yet rarely does such subject matter get delivered with the soaring pop aplomb as on the album’s twelve tracks, flitting from sparkle and rumble of ‘The Blood’ to the epic washes of ‘The Underneath’ and beyond. The album has allowed O’Sullivan to break free from the confines of genre, taking influence from the likes of Tears For Fears and Kate Bush from his parents’ record collection through the industrial and gothic textures of DAF, The Cure, Coil and Dead Can Dance to the hardcore punk of his own personal roots. -

1. Wounded Lions
2. Disappear
3. Seeing in the Dark
4. The Blood
5. Something in the Sky
6. The Underneath
7. Zebras
8. Dreamsinter Nighspore
9. Milk
10. Dark Age
11. Red Rook


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