Thursday, 18 December 2008

Akira Yamaoka, Silent Hill 4: The Room Soundtrack

Japan, 2004

Continuing the SH series saga of posts started purposedly in reverse; one of the heaviest-sounding, more depressive and gloomy music ever created to rightfully accompany a videogame. Akira Yamaoka unites the cast of two voices – to break the all-instrumental tradition of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 – of already resident Mary Elizabeth McGlyyn and deep resounding Joe Romersa.


1. Tender Sugar

2. Waverer
3. Fortunate Sleep
4. Melancholy Requiem

5. Confinement
6. Drops Of Shame
7. The Suicidal Clock Chime
8. Silent Circus
9. Traversing The Portals Of Reality
10. Into The Depths Of Self-Discovery
11. Cradle Of Forest

12. Resting Comfortably
13. Nightmarish Waltz
14. Pulsating Ambience
15. Your Rain

16. The Last Mariachi
17. Wounded Warsong

18. Underground Dawn – Never Come
19. Fever Chill
20. Remodeling
21. Room Of Angel

22. Waiting For You [Live at Heaven's Night]


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