Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pure Reason Revolution, Live At Nearfest 2007

England, 2007.

This was a powerful live act where the band had the opportunity to play many songs from their debut, The Dark Third, but also introduced some new tracks. Once again, sharing this album was a courtesy of Nowitzki15002.


1. In Aurélia
2. Borgens Vor
3. Deus Ex Machina
4. The Bright Ambassadors of Morning
5. Victorious Cupid
6. Voices in Winter/In the Realms of the Divine
7. The Twyncyn/Trembling Willows
8. Golden Disco
9. Aeropause
10. Apprentice of the Universe
11. Nimos & Tambos
12. Arrival/The Intention Craft



Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you so much for this!
I adore Pure Reason Revolution :)


بابک تورانی said...

I had never heard this one before. by listening to the "sounds", you do not expect them to be amusing, and you do not expect to be absorbed on the first time you listen to them, but unconsciously you find yourself listening to them again and again. extremely wierd.

kollaps said...

Well, we're glad you guys liked it. Pure Reason Revolution are a very promising band. :)