Saturday, 10 May 2008

Riding Pânico, Lady Cobra

Portugal, 2008

The rise of post-rock has opened the floodgates for instrumental rock in general, and quite a few interesting bands have emerged in Portugal lately. Since most local vocalists insist on being Eddie Vedder ripoffs or emo bitches it's not entirely surprising Portuguese bands like Katabatic, Lobster and Projecto Rock-alhada are gaining some momentum amongst a generally bland music scene. Riding Pânico's full-length debut, Lady Cobra, is a good instrumental album with much-needed diversity when compared to most one-trick ponies which seem to plague post-rock.


01 - E Se a Bela for o Monstro
02 - Running Kids
03 - One Winged Cessnaplenty
04 - Naja
05 - Roses and Razors
06 - Vox Humana
07 - Capelo
08 - Volvo
09 - Áspide


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