Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cocoon, Where The Oceans End

France, 2010.

Cocoon is a two-piece French band formed in 2006 by Mark Daumail (born 1984, composition, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, ukelele, banjo, beatbox, etc.) and Morgane Imbeaud (born 1987, vocal harmonies, keyboards, arrangements). Their sound is a mix of dream pop and new folk, and they sing entirely in English.

This is a bit different from what I usually listen to, but I'm completely enthralled.


1. Sushi
2. Comets
3. Dee Doo
4. Yum Yum
5. Mother
6. Oh My God
7. Super Powers
8. Cathedral
9. I Will Be Gone
10. Dolphins
11. Baby Seal
12. In My Boat


L said...

Really lovely music. Thanks.

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the link is dead

btw, i have discovered your blog recently, you´re doing great job. Thanks and keep it up!

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no, it's just a cloud.

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Wheretheoceansend - bonus 2011 - Cocoon.rar (89.65 MB) 320K mp3