Monday, 16 June 2008

José Cid, 10.000 Anos depois entre Vénus e Marte

Portugal, 1978

Prog-rock cult classic. This album is remarkable and criminally overlooked. Mellotron/moog heavy and with plenty of Pink Floyd influences (Great Gig in the Sky in particular comes to mind), the album somehow failed to make an impact and ultimately lead to the creative demise of José Cid, who would go on to erect a successful career as a popular pop artist of the Barry Manilow variety. Recently the album has received a lot more interest, particularly due to the raving reviews on Progarchives and it thus garnered some of the attention it originally deserved. Enjoy.

(Posts have come pretty slow lately since this time of year is always a bit hectic.)

01 - O Último Dia Na Terra
02 - O Caos
03 - Fuga Para o Espaço
04 - Mellotron o Planeta Fantástico
05 - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte
06 - A Partir do Zero
07 - Memos


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Anonymous said...

Córolho meti no google e veio-me dar a este blog outra vez. Obrigado por me deixares sacar este grande album com o Senhor Zé Nabo.